Americans Gained 2 Pounds per Month during Quarantine - How Much Did You Gain?

Quarantine weight gain

If you are feeling the literal weight of quarantine? You are not alone!

According to The New York Times, a study found adults who have been locked down for the last year gained on average more a half a pound every 10 days, which has resulted in around 2 extra pounds per month

The experts note a reduction and change in physical activity, more indulgent food choices, and eating more than usual and more frequently as the reason behind the gain. In fact, a month after the pandemic was declared, one study found the number of steps people took dropped by 27 percent for people in nearly 200 countries.

Health experts are also concerned about how the pandemic has lead to possible weight gain for children due to lack of traditional schooling and not being able to take part in recess and sports for many months.

There is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel as lockdowns lift and schools reopening, and The Doctors want to share tips for anyone feeling unhappy with their pandemic weight gain and remind you, it is never too late to make a healthy change!

Find out how you can drop some of those quarantine pounds in under a month with tips on what to eat, how much water to drink, and how often to exercise from these tips from The Fit Factory owner and firefighter Tarrant Anderson.

If you are looking for home workout ideas and inspiration? Start here with great tips from our fitness experts!

And if you need to adjust the type of food and meals you're eating, get all the recipes (which are healthy and also tasty) seen on The Doctors!

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