Is a COVID-Related Breast Cancer Crisis Looming?

The Doctors

Due to the pandemic, many people are nervous about going to the doctor for their routine appointments like getting mammograms. We welcome breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk to share why this is so concerning and possibly dangerous.

Dr. Funk says there is a looming breast cancer crisis because women are not getting their routine screenings. "Out of fear of COVID, women are not getting screened," she tells The Doctors noting breast imaging is down 62 percent. She warns, "These cancers are not sheltering in place, they are there, undiagnosed, multiplying, and dividing."

She worries there could be approximately 120,000 undiagnosed invasive breast cancer cases by the end of the year, noting that COVID delays could lead to an additional 10,000 deaths from breast cancer.

The breast specialist also warns that in addition to screenings being down, the use of alcohol is on the rise, which can possibly increase the risk of developing breast cancer. She says if you are going to drink to limit it to just one serving, or swap out your drink for a mocktail -- find great recipes for alcohol alternatives at

In the video below, Dr. Funk explains why issues like stress and weight gain can increase someone's risk of developing breast cancer. And for more important information and resources on breast cancer visit her foundation

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Playing How Stress and Weight Can Increase Your Risk for Breast Cancer


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