Why Are People on TikTok Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Their Ears?

Drops in ear

While Q-tips used to be the tried and true method to remove ear wax, experts have declared them unsafe citing the possibility of eardrum ruptures. Some TikTok users have been racking up views by using hydrogen peroxide to remove wax by simply applying a few drops to their ear and letting the wax drain out. 

While it might feel like a good idea to clean the ear wax out of your ears, is it something that actually needs to be done? Ear nose and throat specialist at Rutgers Dr. Scott Shapiro shares with Health, "Most people don't need to do anything," sharing that for most people earwax takes care of itself over time like a self-cleaning oven. 

Earwax works to protect the delicate skin of your ear canal, while stopping dust and small objects from going into the ear canal. While it may seem less than appealing, earwax plays a vital role in helping to protect our ears. 

Is it safe to put hydrogen peroxide in your ears to clean the earwax out? Dr. Shapiro shares that he typically recommends people dilute it (a half hydrogen peroxide, half water mixture) because it can be irritating to your ear canal. If you have any issues, irritation, or an infection using hydrogen peroxide could make things worse, he told Health. 

If you have the feeling that your hearing might be affected by earwax buildup, or you feel clogged up, The Doctors suggest seeing your doctor. 

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