How to Handle Grief during the Holiday Season

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Playing How to Handle Grief during the Holiday Season

Actress and host Melissa Rivers shares tips for anyone dealing with the holidays without someone that should be at the table. Plus, hear how Melissa discussed mental health with her college-aged son who was home with her during the pandemic. And, Melissa previews her new book cover “Lies My Mother Told Me,” which is now available for pre-order. If you need help, please check out the Didi Hirsch Foundation or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255. 

Can You Describe Who You Are in Just 4 Words?

SAD PERSONS Scale: A screening tool to assess suicide risks. It consists of 10 risk factors, organized under the mnemonic: “SAD PERSONS”.

The 10 risk factors from the scale are:

  • S: Male sex
  • A: Age (<19 or >45 years)
  • D: Depression
  • P: Previous attempt (or family history)
  • E: Excess alcohol or substance use
  • R: Rational thinking loss
  • S: Separated, divorced or widowed
  • O: Organized plan
  • N: No social supports
  • S: Sickness (chronic) or stated future intent

SAD PERSONS score ranges from 0 to 10, where the higher the score, the higher the suicide risk: 0-4: Low risk (monitor and speak with a professional) 5-6: Medium risk (strongly consider hospitalization or output program) 7-10: High risk. (Immediate hospitalization)